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Sergio Funes

La distancia entre el querer y el poder
se acorta con el entrenamiento.

The gap between willingness and ability is shortened through training

TENNIS ACADEMY The “Tennis Academy Sergio Funes” has been located at ESV Sportpark München in Nymphenburg since 2013 and has developed rapidly with currently around 500 young and old tennis students. On 9 well-maintained clay courts and an air dome in winter, the academy with Sergio Funes and his team of coaches offers a wide range of programmes for players of all levels.

Sergio Funes

Recognising the individual skills of a tennis player, activating and developing their potential and working on their weaknesses is the goal that Sergio Funes has been pursuing with the greatest passion for more than 30 years. he Argentine coach makes no distinction, whether training with 3 to 6-year-olds in the “Kids Box”, guiding young players on their way to a professional career, or coaching the ambitious women’s team. His personal signature of fun and humour, but performance-oriented training sessions, can be felt everywhere. State-of-the-art training methods and a pool of experienced coaches for special topics relating to nutrition, fitness or mental support round off the comprehensive range of services offered by the Tennis Academy.

Sergio celebrated his first successes in tennis as a teenager in Argentina as a Serie A player. In 1985, he began his coaching training – first as “Maestro Nazionale di Tennis” and later as “Allenatore Na- zionale di Tennis”. He rounded off his training career with the “Coach ITF”. In 1986, Sergio Funes ran the first tennis school in Mar del Plata, Argentina, before moving to Switzerland and later to Italy as a coach.

Never change a winning team

Offering the highest training quality for all performance and age groups is the goal that every member of our team sets for their training sessions. With in-depth expertise, many years of tournament and competition experience and a wide range of training practice, we offer the right coach for every requirement.

Nahuel Fracassi

A - Trainer

Andrea di Lazzaro

A - Trainer

Thomas Paciaroni

A - Trainer

Stefano Funes

B - Trainer

Martin Fracassi

B - Trainer

Maximilian Fracassi

B - Trainer

Joao Lorenz

B - Trainer

Lorenz Magel

C - Trainer

Nicole Ramirez



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